Welcome to the Goedgedacht Forum

The Goedgedacht Forum was founded at the end of the apartheid era to promote reconciliation and to help develop a humane, peaceful and democratic society in South Africa. As time has passed and our democracy is evolving the focus of our events have shifted to promoting active citizenship and accountable government through dialogue.  We believe that this is an important and vital part of creating a vibrant and healthy democracy.

We host up to 12 dialogues each year and participants are selected and invited in their personal capacities. We limit numbers to 20 - 25 people per dialogue.

We have speakers who each make a presentation prior to opening discussion to all present.  Our model differs from others in that we place a high importance on discussion and reflection.  Presentations are kept to a minimum so as to allow participants time to share their experience, explore their differences and find creative ways to overcome the challenges that we face.

The Forum does not associate itself with any political party or political pressure group and runs debates privately.  We believe that ideas matter, and that understanding and insight must precede effective action.

We invite participants from a representative range of sectors: government, media, NGO, community-based, labour, academic and business.

All dialogues are recorded and a typed report is published on our website.  However, following a version of the Chatham House Rules, other than the lead presentations nothing said is attributed to any individual.

Our aim is to provide the space for honest, open-minded, dynamic dialogue and we aim to make an impact beyond the debate when each participant returns to their work.



If you are interested in the work that we do and would like to fund us, please e-mail our Project Director:

Ms. Felicity Harrison